The Investment Model
Mission, Vision and Purpose
The Directors
Roll Definitions

  About DJ Offshore - Mission, Vision and Purpose  

Ensuring that our shareholders have a sound and secure Offshore Investment

To fulfil the need and desire to diversify our shareholders investment portfolio into global property markets

The creation of wealth for all our shareholders




The Directors




Fredere de Jager

Fredere completed his education in South Africa, graduating with a Bachelors degree in Financial Management at Rand Afrikaans University. Fredere fast tracked his corporate career by achieving Financial Directorship at an Engineering Manufacturing Company at the age of 26.

In 2004 Fredere sold his shares in the Company and started his own Company, DJ Syndico, currently the market leader in Leisure Property Fractional Ownership. DJ Syndico grew to a Company with an annual turnover in excess of R100m in just 3 years. Currently Fredere has appointed a new Managing Director at DJ Syndico to relieve him from part of his duties at DJ Syndico and for him to dedicate his time towards DJ Offshore.

Fredere, as a business man, has an ability to create new business concepts in the property segment, rather than creating ordinary products. He identifies needs in a changing market and his business concept always makes sense. He believes in a concept that can be sold on honest facts rather than broken promises. He always achieves results for his shareholders and clients and firmly believes that there should be trust between himself and his clients.


Louis Harmse

Louis completed his education in South Africa graduating with a Bachelors Honours degree in Financial Management at the Rand Afrikaans University. He has more than 10 years experience in accounting and management. Whilst in practice he entered the buy-to-let property market in South Africa before the housing boom started and developed a successful portfolio of properties in Gauteng.

In 2005 Louis and his family moved to the UK. His passion for property led him to enter the UK property market there and then and ever since he has been managing a successful property portfolio mainly concentrated in London.
Louis is a very experienced gifted individual when it comes to property investment. In addition to finding investment property and managing property portfolios he has been advising individuals on property investment and the management thereof. Combining his vast experience in property, accounting, management and personal skills makes him an outstanding asset when it comes to identifying opportunities, sourcing of property and management thereof.

Louis is a family man and believes in good ethics on a personal and business level. He is married and has one child. His interests include any competitive sports, property and the outdoor life.

  DJ Offshore SA - Roll Definitions

The responsibilities of the South African branch will be:

Sales and Marketing of the Concept
Call centre and Information centre,
Client queries,
Email communication,
Signing of the sale of shares agreement with investors.
South African Auditors
Liaising with deposits received from new Shareholders,
Auditors trust account reconciliation,
Instructing Auditors to release funds on receipt of tax clearance.
Tax Clearances - Reserve Bank and SARS
Acting as the Principle Agent between the new shareholder and SARS pertaining to the tax clearance process,
Handling all documents to be signed by the shareholders for funds transfer required by SARS and the Bank,
Regular Feedback to all shareholders on status.
Booking of Shareholders week at the Unit
Controlling the “Usage Roster” of the shareholders usage week
Arranging access upon arrival
Assisting with travel arrangements


DJ Offshore Dubai - Roll Definitions


The responsibilities of the Dubai branch will be to act on behalf of shareholders and as follows:

Sourcing of properties
Location, Location, Location,
Best yield and Capital appreciation with a 5 year goal,
Medium term with medium risk investments,
Identifying new area/locations for future investment in Dubai and the UAE,
Sourcing in identified areas, e.g. Dubai Sports City in Dubailand and Dubai Waterfront,
Liaising with estate agents and developers,
Establishing relationships with suppliers.


Marketing of the property to let,
Collection of rental income,
Tenant queries,
Managing employees/letting agents,
Inventory checklists,
Checking in and out of tenants,
Quarterly status reports to shareholders,
Management Accounts to include Income Statement and Balance Sheet,
Shareholders Report on Dubai / UAE market,
Capital Growth(once a year) quoted from reliable sources,
Obtain annual property revaluations from independent valuators.
UK based Auditors
New Company registration,
Share Issues,
Tax advice,
Prepare Final Trial Balances of each Company for Annual Financial Statement Accounts preparation purposes,
Act as Company Secretary and Registered Officer.
Portfolio Management
Ensuring rent be paid into bank Account,
Expenses are paid - Accountants, Service Charges, Insurance etc.
Managing Bank Accounts,
Coordinating Repairs & Maintenance of properties,
Tenant Liaison,
Cash Flow Forecasts.
Distribution of bi-annual dividends to Shareholders
All properties will be equipped with 5-star integrated appliances,
Includes comprehensive, 5-star fully furnished apartments.